Marina Krasnovid is a Native Siberian, who immigrated to the United States of America at the age of twenty.

As trivial as it sounds, but the love for photography emerged in the early childhood.  Developing black and white photos in her darkroom Marina could not even imagine that years later this childhood enthusiasm will develop into a lifelong passion.  Between the childhood entertainment and establishment of a professional path as a photographer, Marina spent hours and hours as a crime scene photographer after receiving a specialized training as a crime scene and surveillance photographer.  In addition, her skills were used for photojournalistic assignments by one of the local news papers.

As years passed by, Marina never gave up on her dream of becoming a scuba diver.  Along with her husband, for they do everything together, she became a certified advanced scuba diver, and of course took her camera underwater.

In Latin Marina means "from the sea" which might explain Marina's fascination with the sea creatures and her desire to share the beauties of life underneath the surface.

As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words and by looking at Marina's work one can easily see the passion, talent and her keen ability to see the extraordinary in everyday things; either it's a photojournalistic travel, underwater, nature or people photography.



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