Welcome to my world of painting with the light!

A word photograph was coined by Sir John Herschel in 1839 by combining two Greek words phos, meaning "light" and graphe, meaning "drawing", which when put together means "drawing with light".

It is a common practice for photographers to specialize in one particular venue of photography, e.g., wedding, babies, wildlife or landscape.  This narrow specialization cultivated a common misconception that a photographer to be really good at what he or she does must do one thing only, either people or nature.  I believe that only by looking at a given photographer's work in different aspects of life - people and nature, indoors and outdoors, one can tell if that particular photographer is really the master of his genre.  For a true master would be able to work with various types of lighting from studio to ambient and produce an awe inspiring image.

Please, take a look at my "paintings with the light" and decide for yourself if I am truly the master of my genre.