When I was a little kid I loved laying on my back and watching clouds passing over.  I imagined that I saw different figures made out of clouds.  I could lay for a long time imagining characters and think up magical stories about them and their adventures.  I imagined cute bunnies and hug bears, fierce dragons and white castles with damsels in distress that needed to be rescued by a handsome prince.  I would pretend that I could fly and would jump on top of the clouds and play snow-cloud fights with my fictitious friends.  I saw clouds shaped as white horses and imagined riding them beyond a horizon.

As years went by I became busy with responsibilities that come with adulthood and the clouds game became rare and rare.  Now I know that this is what adults need:  they need to be more like a child and dream more often, put aside all the busyness and bustle, and find a time to just watch the clouds form cute characters and imagine stories about them.

Now, whenever I have a chance, I look up into the skies and admire God's imagination that made all these beauty for us.